Moral dilemma

Would you kill an innocent man to save 5 lives? Is it ever moral to kill someone?

What would YOU do if…

You are standing on a bridge next to a large man.

You look down and see an out of control bus speeding towards a group of five people.

If you push the guy next to you off the bridge onto the road below, his fall will stop the bus.

He will die, but the five others will be saved.

Would you do it?

Logic or emotion? Ethical or the perception of ethics and morality?

Research shows that choosing not to push the man off the bridge created the most trusting impression on others. Those who did choose to push the man off the bridge, but only after finding the decision difficult, were trusted more than those who found the decision easy. In a sense it’s all about our fear to be disliked – a popularity contest.

Just like lying… Yes, I know. YOU never lie…right? (yeah, right:-) As I have written in an older post: “…the exercise was not a morality test but an experiment in getting out of your comfort zone, listening, being bold…”

In the end, are we all terrible people?!…Take this poll to see how your answers to these classic moral dilemmas compare to everyone else’s.

And do have the guts, to share your results and comment.

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