Space To Be


I haven’t felt like writing in a long time. Have not made space for writing – willingly, lazily (?) but definitely by choice.

It’s a newly found freedom: Going with the flow, taking in every moment of life – rich or poor, gorgeous or sad and ugly as it comes.
how-to-be-productiveI still get that rush of newness, the satisfaction of curiosity that makes you want to take in as much as you can – so I read, watch, listen and play. And therefore, I keep on learning.

I also don’t do a lot of things I used to do:-) It’s a choice.

But one thing I still do – and I always will:

I will not hesitate once I decide I want to do something.

Why Hesitate indeed?

Life never waits for you. You either make it or you don’t. Deal with it and rest later – maybe. But, as you are faced with a whole new reality and as you adjust to a life that’s always changing, just give it a try!

All we need is a little bit of space so we can make a clear decision: “Do I want to nurture this or do I want to let it go?

We don’t always need — or want — director’s commentary when we watch the movie of life. Sometimes we need to just be there in the moment. So, just give yourself space to be…


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