The Summer Of My Discontent

It’s been a long and seemingly lazy summer.  And to playfully remember Steinbeck’s The Winter of Our Discontent, this has been a summer where for about two weeks I was desolate in the absence of wi-fi.

no wifi

Let me confess: I am an information junkie, an addict, a thirsty traveller who wants to drink from the fountain of knowledge. I missed my Flipboard, Quartz, Shane Parrish’s Farnam Street and all the stuff I devour on a regular basis. I could read email but the links would not open and I found the spotty delivery of old newspapers so that I can catch up absurd, so, I spent my days swimming and reading my kindle books but I dreaded being out of touch.

No, I did not rest more because I was switched off.  How can anyone be better off without learning, discovering, exploring and speculating on all the spectacular things that make up our present. Yes, there is Gaza, and Ebola and the Ukraine and Robin Williams and all the pain that accompanies life. But bubbles are for soap operas not to be lived in. And I missed the river of my inspiration.

So, here is the makeup overview of the kind of stuff I’ve been reading since I’ve been back. Thinking through some of this stuff, I am happy. See? I am not that hard to please after all!

Why We Do Dumb or Irrational Things: 10 Brilliant Social Psychology Experiments: “…We do dumb or irrational things because of other people…”

learning Ivy League schools promise success, but often lead to depression: “…Students are made to understand that they have to be perfect and do everything perfectly, but they haven’t turned to themselves to ask why they’re doing it…”

The Out of Touch Effect: “…Reconnect with your clients, assume their perspective, and not only will you gain practical insights, you’ll also inject your work with new meaning and purpose…”

The Best Way to learn something is to teach itinstructions: “…“When teachers prepare to teach, they tend to seek out key points and organize information into a coherent structure…

Henry Miller On Turning 80: “Next to love friendship, in my opinion, is the most valuable thing life has to offer…” 




So, here to all of you my friends, smile, it’s the beginning of the end of summer.

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