zombie carolsZombies on Christmas Day? Yes, I know; not everyone is a fan of the Walking Dead.

Yet, this is about those other real life, figurative zombies  in our life. They suck our positive energy and goodness. They feed on negativity, the no, the sarcastic comments, the absence of praise, the passive aggressive temperament that torpedoes our enthusiasm, goodwill, possibilities, hopes. They don’t understand what they are doing and they hardly even grasp the damage and pain they are inflicting.

You know the types. We all know some while we unavoidably tend to be drawn into their nasty criticism, sarcasm, put-downs. Whether they make us feel sad, guilty, inadequate, angry and anything in between – at some point – after we have tried so hard and long – we simply have to let go and say farewell forever.yoda christmas

Just shut them down – sometimes, being deaf and mute is the best solution. So, how about giving yourself this Christmas gift today? Here’s to the zombie farewell – your garlic is plain and simple: drop them from your life and just go on doing what you do best: Living your life, it’s yours to live anyway.

Merry Christmas.


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