We Are All Olympians

Courtesy of The Daily Beast

With all eyes on the London Olympics – practically two thirds of the planet are watching – we have never been more connected in our cultural disconnect. In a manner of speaking, we are all Olympians – OK, couch Olympians, I know.

We each choose and pick our heroes, Gabby Douglas, Usain Bolt, Zhe Feng. Michael Phelps’ magic number 22 made history and broke the record making him the most decorated Olympian of all times. Yet for me, Le Clos’ tears on the podium will be one of the most interesting and touching memories of the games. Does it have to do with underdogs? Country nationalism? Sappy, lachrymose soft spot? I love S. Africa but nothing binds me to her – yet I savor great effort including the incredible grit and resilience of Oscar Pistorius. Does it really matter that Pistorius did not make it to the finals, that he did not win the gold?

We have all been conditioned to live the fantasy of winning. And the global hype maneuvers and stirs us in the “right” direction of the win. Yeah, yeah…pep talks about consolation: the thrill of the game, the healthy competition, the participation and the good fight that “supposedly” matter. Down deep we all think we want to win -that’s what they taught us.

But when a simple Google search says it all, then it’s time to seriously reconsider.

We are all Olympians in our simple non-glamorous lives – our life is the stadium – and while the world is not watching, we still have to play our greatest game like if we are going for our own personal gold. And life’s a game, ain’t it?

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