Feminists: Born or Raised?

Verbal karate lessons for upcoming feminists… Take a peak.

All delivered by a cute little girl who is no longer voting Barbie and Ken as couple of the year. I would love to keep track of her life and see her in a few years when she falls in love and the life dilemmas start crowding and clouding her vehemence and purity.

Will women in her generation break the mold or will they follow the paths taken by so many mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends – professionals with their own choices and balancing acts? And what I also wonder.. will the men of her generation be different, as open or not?

Regardless, the influences will be there – as long as our own little girl ends up finding her balance, her own way of doing things and being independent enough to follow her heart and her dreams. One thing I am sure of: if she stays as determined, most likely the man she will end up falling in love with, again most likely, will respect her way of thinking. Ain’t love (and determination) grand?

PS: And I also wonder: did her mother do the same – not marrying before having a job first? What do you think?

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