Links of the same chain

“…No man is an island, entire of itself…” John Donne (1572-1631).

I had started writing this festive (and pensive) post a week ago, on New Year’s Eve. Various distractions, interferences and higher priority items got in the way and I now know why I hadn’t done it. The right trigger had not pushed me enough to express what was in my head that particular day.

And yesterday, a business acquaintance – a very smart, ambitious venture capital type implied that business issues have to do with the business of the enterprise, numbers, performance, strategic thinking, investment, operational excellence, and all these “hard” key performance indicators.

And of course he is right – however he is also wrong. Terribly wrong as a matter of fact.

Because the outcome of any transaction, business or personal,  is determined by the quality of the interaction and the exchange. And that is solely based on the type of relationship one wants, allows, exercises and finally succeeds (or fails) at.

And so here is my one-week delayed greeting to 2011:

Playful New Year mood that I am this morning – I am personally content. Wearing the grand self-auditor hat, I am happy with all the connections, relationships, collaborations and opportunities I explored and worked on this last year and the windows they opened up. Time for reflection and review and last minute tune up for the race ahead. Looking back while looking ahead – or looking ahead without ever turning back? Measuring, evaluating and surveying the things you were great at, the failures, the lessons, the successes and all the usual stuff.

People are links of the same human chain and no man is truly an island. And in the ocean of ideas, feelings and thoughts, the waves are always more interesting when many voices speak their own individual and collective truth.

Each one of us does about the same – more or less, to a different degree, with variations and gradations. It’s irrelevant really as long as you are satisfied with your very “best.” You either tried or you didn’t or maybe you tried but not as hard? Or are you really happy that you tried as hard as you could?

I hope your math and calculations come out right for you. Have an interesting 2011, everyone. If you can “smell” the novelty, the fascination, the curiosity and the excitement – you will have a fulfilling year as well.

MMXI Day 7

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