The Comfortable Fit

Stiletto heels and business suits – they go great together, don’t you think?

Ok, let me explain for those of you who instinctively did not click on the link above. Please do!

Manylogue, a collective blog and “a fictitious word meant to describe the intersection between individual thinking and public dialogue” is about creative pluralism and the free flow of thoughts and ideas. Check it out -it’s worth it – but don’t take my word for it – see for yourself.

I joined its team of contributors yesterday and posted my view on gender gapin the spirit of cross collaboration and exchange.

As long as you fit in your own shoes comfortably and don’t feel constrained to censor your own voice it’s always exciting to find a group of linchpins- and work with them towards a shared goal. For those intensively passionate extroverts – it’s a no brainer. It’s a team, a human puzzle, a space with shared pieces, mosaic of ideas – manylogue. Life is about stories and people – the interaction, the exchange, the dialogue – it makes us all richer as long as your shoe fits you well.

Do visit us and let us know what you think!

Interesting and fulfilling 2011 – my wish to all.

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