Crybabies vs. Michelangelos

Some days there’s nothing. And what I mean by nothing is the blank, the hollowness, the void, the lack of excitement, enthusiasm and spark. It happens to all of us. Something or someone disappoints us, lets us down and we end up in a grey zone of pessimism, misery and negativity – or even worse: we float into the state of great indifference.

And spending a short time in such a state probably does us all a lot of good as this is the state we really want and need to avoid. Now, how short or long this state really is, is only up to us and the choices we will or won’t make.

I can hear your excuses – loud and clear: It’s not all up to me; I can’t help it; I was let down; the sky has fallen or whatever.

Come on: at times like these we are nothing but big crybabies. We want to vent, fume, cry, bitch, complain, and do, say, feel all these beautifully sorrowful emotional verbs that in essence all lead to the same miserable conclusion: There is your ugly problem staring you in the eye. But, hey: it’s your problem. However you want to blame someone or something else, the fact remains that the problem is still yours.

So, get out your painting brushes, materials, colors, papers, feelings, thoughts, ideas, frustrations, words, and anything else you feel you need – and think of Michelangelo. Be a Michelangelo and start dealing with whatever it is you need to solve.

And, if you really want a kick in the rear end to get you started, do something simple. Go to your inspiration library and pull the story of someone whose life was/is harder than yours. Be humbled, see what they went through and how they overcame. And if you don’t have a library – maybe it’s time to start putting together your very own and personal inspiration collection.

And if you don’t have anything right off the bat, borrow some of mine:

Just build your own library soon!

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