All We Are Saying…

I am not impartial. I have to make the comment and disclosure up front.

As one of the judges on the jury of the Athens Startup weekend, I spent the last 3 days with some brilliant and inspiring young men and women who still have the passion, determination and commitment to work hard and chase their dreams. Young aspiring entrepreneurs fighting for their ideas.  Exactly the sort of injection our global village soul desires.

So, this is a plea: please click on the link and CAST YOUR VOTE (preferably for the Athens winning project, Webscrib).

I told you. I am biased and personally involved and I am now shamelessly soliciting your vote to boost the young Greek team. I admit it. I think it’s for a great cause and fairness is the least of my concerns in this case.

And as I was going through the videos of the winning projects, I caught myself humming and paraphrasing John Lennon’s lyrics:

“All we are saying… is give youth (and peace, too) a chance….”

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