Isn’t the end always the beginning?

…The End…

Oh wait! Now what?…

What exactly does this mean – the end? Unless we are talking about death, there is no end.

I just finished two huge projects. The first took me a year to complete – a lot of effort, dedication, determination, perseverance and stubbornness. The second was completed in about a week and it required physical stamina, steely willpower and multi-tasking. I went straight from one project into the next and last night I realized that pretty much I am done. And with that thought, came the next one – about the next big project. Whatever that is – wherever this may take me. That’s me – I am on the move constantly spinning into my head. I like it like that. I can’t stand still, can’t rest, need the action, the involvement, the interaction, the sense of purpose and the desired finish line as only one rung in the ladder of life.

Now, does this mean I don’t take time out? And basically, this is what I caught myself thinking: I am very proud of what I accomplish – success is defining the terms of your life. Choosing to do the things you want to do and leaving the things that don’t mean much really.

I know some people will jump and consider me arrogant and “privileged” (and I mean the word in its negative sense here) but it’s hard work and my attitude that have brought me where I am.

The hard work refers to discovering what it is that you really want. The attitude is getting up and simply doing it. Sometimes, things get in the way and it’s hard to figure out what’s stopping you or blocking your way. But, when it comes down to the bottom of it – you always have the choice.

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