Man’s or Dog’s Best Friend: A Test of Feelings

A dog is a man’s best friend. Yet, in this amazing canine act of compassion, no man stepped up to the task of helping the injured dog. See the video – I thought it is incredible.

Rarely are noble acts of courage, heroism, compassion or altruism attributed to animals. We humans, are so good at patting ourselves in the back when we do something nice. And “nice” is a mild word, one of those socially acceptable terms of signifying not much of anything really.

But how about “great?” How often can you say you did something absolutely incredibly great? And the greatness had nothing to do with you – but it gave the gift of joy, life, laughter, happiness or anything else that might contribute to someone else feeling the exhilaration, the buzz, the joy.

Do I sound Polyannish again? What do you think is the percentage of people who will simply nod when watching this video? How many do you think will be touched by the rescuer dog’s effort to save the other dog? And, what does this really mean? Are people more or less cruel than animals? Which people, under which conditions and certainly/maybe not at peak traffic time?

How about you? Just Take my poll and see the results. Aren’t you curious?

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