The Elephant in the Physics

The smart 14 yr old who drew the elephant in this test deserves to:

a. flunk physics

b. get a scholarship for the MIT Media Lab

c. do a special appearance at Comedy Central

Yes, he apparently cannot answer the question but spunk, originality, humor, creativity and boldness in the end count for so much more in life than high school physics. And you have to admit, little dumbo looks kind of cool in the middle of this contraption. I burst out laughing when I realized what I was seeing. It made my day and sometimes a hearty laugh and a lightness and a healthy dose of playfulness go a long way. So, go ahead – it’s the weekend: Have a laugh, draw an elephant, just be cute and pick up the phone and give someone the inside scoop: life sometimes needs to be taken lightly and some things are not as important as a good laugh…

* By the way: The correct answer is d: all of the above.

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