Lessons from a 5 year old

49 seconds. That’s all it will take to break a smile by watching Jessica do her own pep talk in front of the mirror.

And Jessica is only five! Credit to her parents for letting her bloom and do her “thing” and be the happy child she seems to be. But, what I find most interesting is that she has it in her to instinctively use positive psychology and affirmation to feel great about her life. Is this something she has learned? Or does it come naturally and like the gorgeous child she is – she is simply letting her heart delight at the beauty she sees around and inside her?

And if you – as the adult you are – did this all alone in front of your mirror, what would you say? And most importantly, I do think that if you are reading this, chances are you also have it in you to be doing something equivalent.

Life can indeed be so glorious as to let us learn from a 5 year old…

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