Sailing Through

Anchors. “Indispensable principal supports that serve to hold an object firmly.”

Different anchors for different people – so how is it that we occasionally forget that some “things”, a favorite and cherished book, a photograph, a great friend’s encouragement, a smile, an idea we feel passionate about or a solid belief, can help us get back on track?

Is there a trick to our memories? What is that magical trigger that each one of us has to take us to this place where our anchors are solidly moored?

And then the counter argument: During the storm, you have to release the anchor, otherwise you may topple.

Pros and cons, balancing and equilibrium, the glorious adventure of living life and being in your moment as you define and shape it.

* My intent is not to confuse the term used here with the neuro-linguistic programming term “Anchoring” as the process by which memory recall, state change or other responses become associated with (anchored to) some stimulus, in such a way that perception of the stimulus (the anchor) leads by reflex to the anchored response occurring.

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