So We Can Think Twice. Part 2 (honoring Seth Godin again)

This could be another comment in response to the why I write post (why? so, we can think twice). However, Seth Godin’s ideas deserve so much more – pure unadulterated, consistent fire and inspiration. Thank you, for the spark- and the secret dialogue..

Below is a direct quote from Just Quid no quo

“You don’t write a blog to get gigs. You don’t help people out in a forum to build a freelance business. Sure, that might happen, but that’s not why you do it. If you are busy calculating quid pro quo, that means your heart isn’t in it, and the math won’t work out anyway.

Online, the something, the quid, the this, doesn’t cost cash. It takes heart and energy and caring, which are scarce but renewable resources. As a result, many people are able to spend them without seeking anything external in return. Even better, the act of generosity, of giving without expectation, makes it easier to do art, to create work that matters on its own.”

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