Let Tiger Roar – Part 2

Is there a lesson to be learned from the “noise” surrounding Tiger Woods’ return?

On January 7th, I posted a controversial opinion on Tiger Woods and the relentless media hounds intruding in his personal life: Let Tiger Roar. I did mention then that “the moral majority is neither.’

Two and a half short months later and here are today’s headlines: “Woods to make long-awaited return at U.S. Masters”

The Associated Press alone shows 4364 articles on the topic and while there are some mixed reviews and commentators’ tidbits, the predominant headlines are only concerned with the Tiger’s game and play rather than his personal issues.

Short collective memory? Hypocrisy? Media shaping the agenda and setting the stage following the potential ad spending – all of the above plus some?

Regardless, like I said, he did not do anything that most of the regular folks have not been doing for centuries. So, he is back – and in a few short months everyone will have absolutely forgotten the fire hydrant and the tree.

Lesson Learned: Don’t let others dictate your personal agenda. It’s your agenda in the first place, your issue, your life. Only you can make certain decisions – and it’s you who will pay the price if you don’t stick to your guns.

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