Salesmanship 101

“Opportunities” seems to be the mother of all words during this recession.

While our savings are slowly and gradually evaporating, so many consultants, middle men (and women), advisers, gurus and counsels of all sorts are abusing the usage of the word and so many in the services industries are trying to make a buck on commissions, fees, and dream “peddling.”

Realtors are knocking down the few remaining doors they have left to have you grasp the opportunity to buy the house of your dreams. “Come on – now it’s the time to buy before prices go up again..”

Financial advisers offer you “an investment opportunity that allows more diversification plus a guaranteed a 5% annual return regardless of what happens to the market!” – the trick is that this is such a good deal that it can only be explained in a face to face meeting – no marketing brochures, no links, no available written information on it.

I am not picking on these professions. Not all realtors or financial people are the same. But some are getting so desperate because the economy is stalling, and all of a sudden their livelihood is at risk that in their anguish they push and in the process they forget tactfulness, respect and leaving the client with the necessary space to breathe and decide what’s best for himself.

I’ve been feeling like the circus clown trampled by the elephant on the trapeze, lately. I sympathize with all these folks out there who are having a hard time. But, come on guys. Silence sometimes is a very loud and clear message. Please let me be at peace and don’t push or try to convince me that what you are selling will be just another opportunity for me.

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