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>Greetings from My First TED – Our Editors – Harvard Business Review

“Why do people go to TED? What do they do with everything they learn?”

This conference is all about self-enrichment, inspiration and, of course, plenty of networking. Somebody has said it is like “a semester of graduate school” packed into four days. During this moment of huge uncertainty in the world, the conference seems to take on even greater significance as people seem more willing to entertain a wide range of approaches to the world’s problem, given that so much of our conventional wisdom seems to be failing us on so many levels.

During day 1, Meg Ryan introduced Jamie Oliver who won the TED prize this year for his work to improve nutrition for children in schools. Oliver’s session echoed some of the same sentiments uttered from Dan Barber earlier in the day who spoke of the failure of agribusiness and the need for a more sustainable approach to our global food system.

The day ended with Sheryl Crow who seemed just to pop up out of nowhere to sing “A Change Will You Do You Good.” It’s a simple enough song with light harmony, but it amplified the message of the day: Change is good.

How this theme will be built upon in the days ahead will be interesting to see unfold, but for now, the TED crowd is fully engaged and still ready as ever to rock the world, regardless of it that shows up in the GDP.

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