Boredom Can Kill You!

>‘Boredom can kill you’ – Yahoo! India News

Several of my very select (and few) blog readers have been asking me why I don’t post more often. While the question is sweet and a great compliment, the simple answer is that I try to respect people’s time, so sometimes I blog but you – those who want to read my posts – have to go search for my newest. (You want to follow – I don’t want to force you to follow).

A hundred ideas are dancing through my head at the same time, all the time. I multi-think while multitasking; I juggle and “play” creating or create playing, and do the mapping, and the exploring and the deep digging at the same time. I was never short on adrenaline and the nervous energy that propels movement and action.

Lots of people I know are like that, too.

My colleague from University of Texas who when less challenged in class, cooks salmon and lentils – at least that’s what she was cooking yesterday – with her laptop screen at an angle and the phone stuck to her ear in the virtual conference call.
My entrepreneur friend with the 2 cats and the autistic dog who does cross-country conference calls with clients thousands of miles away while 10 things are taking place at once.
My other friend, the attorney, who reads 5 books simultaneously while revising depositions and litigation documents.
My coach-buddy in North Carolina who is in IT support and handles hundreds of calls and questions and at the same time coaches and opens people’s minds and hearts.

So many of you who love and live life to the fullest.

Life is simply so delectably fascinating to miss a nano-second of it! You are reading the news, and all of a sudden your eye catches a headline on the news feed on screen. TED conference is on so you’ve scheduled time to follow the webcast – the TED fellows are on stage and these are the young ones who may be tomorrow’s answers to today’s challenges.

By the way, here is the schedule:

Bored? Who has time to be bored? And most importantly, who has time to die of boredom?

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