Can "Nice Girls" Negotiate? – Conversation Starter –

>Can “Nice Girls” Negotiate? – Conversation Starter –

How many more years, decades, centuries do we have to go through to get over this stereotypical idea that women are supposed to be nicer than men? Powerful people are powerful regardless with levitra online of their sex, color or money. It’s the charactert that matters, the heart, the determination and stamina to fight. So, what if someone out there has the distorted view that “nice” girls are meant to do other things – preferably behind closed doors and even better doing it to them?

This is not about feminism (the mention of it alone has become an anathema to many of us – no, I don’tlike labels, thank you very much). It’s about the realization that weak men negotiate equally miserably as weak women and vice versa.

Come on! Let’s move on with life and concentrate on the things that matter!

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