What Clients Say

“Leda’s international experience in high level conmmunication positions, her latest affiliation with executive coaching and the outgoing nature of her character blend ideally to form an all round professional that can support any high level executive in his challenges.” February 11, 2012, Kriton Anavlavis CEO at S&B Industrial Minerals

“Working with Leda is a unique, captivating and empowering experience. I felt very fortunate to have her as my coach focusing on fundraising and business aspects of my enterprise. Thanks to Leda I managed to accomplish aspects of my project that were like blocks of ice that prevent the flow and as a result of our work together became a new source of energy and flow that enabled my project to rise to new levels! I am certain that the same can happen to you!” November 4, 2011, Adital Ela, Founder, CEO of S-Sense Design

“I was called upon to give a speech at a high-profile event, with an audience of 400 people and with live broadcasting. I was alone on stage for over 15 minutes, without my notes or a podium and had only a power-point for my presentation. This was my first such experience and Leda, with only 3 one-hour sessions, gave me instrumental advise. She coached me on how to command the stage and the audience’s attention. Leda is incredibly aware of what is needed to deliver a speech that is meaningful to people and her concentrated critique on that point helped me formulate a pertinent speech. The result exceeded by far my expectations.” October 20, 2011, Kostas Apostolidis, Chairman, Raycap Corporation

“Leadership, creativity and transferability of knowledge and self-confidence, are the main traits of Leda’s profile in a professional level. Interacting with Leda is a memorable experience and it would be a privilege for our company to collaborate with her in the future. I would avidly recommend Leda to any individual that needs a person with Coaching skills and the ability to manage with a proper way any company’s human resources.” October 17, 2011, Panayiota Vlachou, Co-founder COO, FEREIKOS HELIX

“Leda is a renaissance woman – academic fundraiser, business development executive, thought leader, dynamic executive coach, and a truly interesting person to top it all off. Her decades of global business experience across the US, Europe and the Middle East gives her not only mastery of the substance of leadership but also a natural inside-out understanding of the pressures faced by senior executives in global companies. I would be pleased to speak with anyone regarding her qualifications and expertise in executive coaching.” January 20, 2011, Jonathan Hoyt, Principal, Heidrick & Struggles

“Leda served as a coach and mentor to me throughout 2010 as part of the TED Fellows and SupporTED coaching program. Leda was open to listening to my goals and giving me suggestions on the best way to recognize my achievements, continue towards a larger purpose, and prioritize my efforts. Leda has exactly the personality traits I was looking for in a coach, she was verbal, succinct, and complementary. She had a great “outsider” perspective on my work and we understood and responded well to each others busy schedules. It was a great match.” August 18, 2010, Jennifer Indovina, CEO – Tenrehte Technologies, Inc.

“As a coach Leda is an incredibly thoughtful and insightful individual. Leda leverages her global expertise to guide her clients through self discovery and action. You would do well to work with Leda in her capacity as a coach.” November 20, 2009, John Higgins, Founder, Higgins Learning Group

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