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Google’s Oxygen and Coaching

There are some things in life where recipes are hard to follow. What works for some is counter-productive for others yet there is no argument that hearing about others’ experiences expands not only the knowledge but one’s point of view. … Continue reading

Enchanting Learning

Guy Kawasaki needs no introduction. His latest book, “Enchantment” explains when and why enchantment is necessary, and describes its three pillars: likability, trustworthiness, and a great cause. His visual note of a speech he gave at the South by Southwest … Continue reading

The Comfortable Fit

Stiletto heels and business suits – they go great together, don’t you think? Ok, let me explain for those of you who instinctively did not click on the link above. Please do! Manylogue, a collective blog and “a fictitious word … Continue reading

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