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SupporTED: One Million Bones

Naomi Natale is a senior TED fellow. She is infectious, passionate and goes up against all odds. In the rushed reality of our daily routines, an art installation project against genocide may realistically feel “remote.” Nice idea but… who has … Continue reading

SupporTED: Beyond Inspiration

  Having spent the last three days in New Orleans with a team of TED fellows and a group of volunteers whose only job was to help these incredibly inspiring young men and women bring their vision to life, I … Continue reading

British Airways & The Idiot Tax

How is it that so often life clashes with the great and brilliantly glorious ideas that occasionally pop through our brains? I am not necessarily referring to justice, world peace, bold dreaming, equality and all these noble and majestic uplifting … Continue reading

What To Do About Doing

“So, what do you do?…” people I meet for the first time, habitually and politely, ask me. And I launch into my explanation of what it is I do for a living – (other than breathe the air and consume … Continue reading

Important But Not Urgent

After a couple of years worth of work as a solitary and lone soldier, following more than a couple of decades of more traditional executive life, yesterday was the one of these extremely rare days I stayed away from my … Continue reading

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