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Portrait Of A Non-Artist As A Young Man

  Stephen Dedalus: Those of  you who recognize my purposefully altered title and have toiled through James Joyce’s novel know of the intellectual and religio-philosophical awakening of young Stephen Dedalus as he begins to question and rebel against the Catholic … Continue reading

Best Friends No More?

What is it that you remember most about kindergarten? I don’t know about you, but in addition to my kindergarten teacher, what I remember most about that splendidly innocent and tender age, is the other little girl I met there. … Continue reading

Batman and Spiderman: Lessons from Superheroes

What We Can Learn from Super Heros “You have all the power you need for the task you have ahead of you!” so smiles Nilofer Merchant, CEO of Rubicon Consulting, a strategy and marketing consultancy. Her talk (captured on the … Continue reading

Socrates and Plato Would Be Jealous!

>The Forum has been fed, expanded and ignited! Social media – it’s more than the hype and the coolness. In my exploration of ideas and ways of making teams work better, I am grateful for the richness of the commentary … Continue reading

If you make a difference, you also make a connection

> What Matters Now: Seth Godin’s freebook Are you the kind of person you want to shake things up? Get the What Matters Now ebook (and spread it). In Seth’s latest project, he managed to do the unthinkable: INSPIRE… I do think … Continue reading

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