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Taxi Drivers Make The Best Boyfriends

Happy Valentine’s to those who still believe in Santa Claus! And who better to deliver the Valentine’s message of the day than iconic Rory Sutherland, prompted and cajoled by non other than brilliant agent provocateur, behavioral economist and irrationality guru … Continue reading

Anti-Marketing: My Greek TEDx Talk

It’s all Greek to you, I am afraid. When I was asked to give a talk at TEDx Thessaloniki, I had mixed emotions. While I am infinitely curious, and passionately share TED’s “belief in the power of ideas to change … Continue reading

The Future, Happiness and Other Things

Reading the latest study coming out of the Columbia Earth Institute and Professor Jeffrey Sachs’ latest article in World Happiness, I could not help but think of what this peculiar concept really means  – and how personal circumstances and life’s … Continue reading

Jumpology And Inner Children

Jumpology? (No, it is not an apology given while jumping!) Philippe Halsman, one of the most innovative photographers of the 20th century, having shot Albert Einstein’s portrait on the cover of TIME came up with the concept. “When you ask … Continue reading

Disagreement and Gratitude

  Optimism – or rather too much optimism – has been blamed as the cause of many things including the recession, high-risk enterprises and happy go-lucky “Pollyanna-ism“. Having just finished psychologist Martin Seligman’s newest book Flourish, I found myself agreeing … Continue reading

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