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Generosity V-Day

Touchy feely stuff with roses, pink ribbons and teddy bears? A few days before Valentine’s Day? Who has time for all this really? But, no this is not about you – since “you” is so often not about you but … Continue reading

Off The Beaten Track

  Islands Off the Beaten Track is the name of an archaeological exhibition organized by the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens, focusing on the most remote, inaccessible islands of the Aegean archipelago. Yet, I am not here to promote … Continue reading

Einstein on The Park

“Only Those Who Attempt The Absurd, Achieve The Impossible…” Can you squint and read the sign on the photo? I stumbled on this nutty street performer walking the Boston Garden early in the morning. He put a smile on my … Continue reading

The Generosity Factor

What would happen if you said “yes” to every single person that asked you for money? Foolish, absurd,  ridiculous idea, isn’t it – especially in this awkward climate of instability and uncertainty? Well… before you dismiss the idea and move … Continue reading

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