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Love In The Time Of Distance

  Saying good bye to my son and his adorable Yorkshire Terrier puppies this morning, I felt hollow. He went back home to L.A. even though the concept of “home” is unclear. After all , the Northern California home is … Continue reading

The Disobedience Junkie Poll

Read the Disobedience Junkie post and take the poll…

Achilles and Emotional Intelligence

Achilles’ heel… I seriously doubt that Homer ever imagined that Achilles, one of the most intriguing Iliad heroes would end up being mostly associated with his weak and vulnerable spot – his tendon. However, the merciless 20/20 hind-sight historic viewpoint  … Continue reading

"Ideas Worth Spreading"

>Greetings from My First TED – Our Editors – Harvard Business Review “Why do people go to TED? What do they do with everything they learn?” This conference is all about self-enrichment, inspiration and, of course, plenty of networking. Somebody … Continue reading

You Don’t Need To See To Be Able To Listen.

>No, appearances do not matter Got talent? Real talent? No matter what, when something is genuine and comes from the heart, and it can move people, then no matter what, talent will always shine. Listen to her sing…

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