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Zombies on Christmas Day? Yes, I know; not everyone is a fan of the Walking Dead. Yet, this is about those other real life, figurative zombies  in our life. They suck our positive energy and goodness. They feed on negativity, … Continue reading

The Laugh that Made the Woman Sad

So… you walk into a restaurant and 2 guys are sitting at a table and they are laughing their hearts out. You wonder – why they are laughing, what’s so funny…And then, one of them turns around,  points at you … Continue reading

Compassion is as Compassion Does: Anti-Lessons from Tony Hayward

Sometimes time works against us. Did the inevitable response to the public outcry of the Gulf disaster have to wait that long? Tony Hayward’s ousting was a matter of time. However, waiting that long did not serve BP in the … Continue reading

Man’s or Dog’s Best Friend: A Test of Feelings

A dog is a man’s best friend. Yet, in this amazing canine act of compassion, no man stepped up to the task of helping the injured dog. See the video – I thought it is incredible. Rarely are noble acts … Continue reading

Forgiveness, Confucius and JFK

Anger. It happens. You don’t want to get angry, you don’t want to lose your cool, your peace, your “chi” – yet, someone or something catches you by surprise and you can’t help it. You get angry, furious, ballistic, savage, … Continue reading

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