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Women Leaders: Competent but Disliked

“…Women leaders experience social backlash because of their success. They are expected to be nice, warm, friendly, and nurturing. So, if a woman acts assertively or competitively, if she pushes her team to perform, if she exhibits decisive and forceful … Continue reading

Only If

I don’t think of my father often.Yet, I grew up hearing him rehearse Kipling’s “If” as the greatest life mantra. And even though I was a fragile four year old girl playing with my Barbie dolls at the time – … Continue reading

Binders Full Of Women

You know the definition of a social error, faux pas, gaffe: inadvertent, unintentional and unfiltered blurt. It happened – again – during the last presidential debate, and now the rest is history and a useful lesson in public speaking, self-control and … Continue reading

Why Hesitate?

Following up on last week’s Feminists: Born or Raised post and being bombarded by more than my fair share of the Oscars, Natalie Portman’s pregnancy, and the Black Swan plot debate, I was pondering on the unavoidable stereotyping and labeling. … Continue reading

Feminists: Born or Raised?

Verbal karate lessons for upcoming feminists… Take a peak. Continue reading

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