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Love In The Time Of Distance

  Saying good bye to my son and his adorable Yorkshire Terrier puppies this morning, I felt hollow. He went back home to L.A. even though the concept of “home” is unclear. After all , the Northern California home is … Continue reading

SupporTED: Beyond Inspiration

  Having spent the last three days in New Orleans with a team of TED fellows and a group of volunteers whose only job was to help these incredibly inspiring young men and women bring their vision to life, I … Continue reading

It’s All About Value, Stupid!

It’s the “Unbearable Lightness of Being” all over again. Having read a semi-sarcastic and justifiably fair assessment of the state of “professionalism” in the service industry and specifically the field of coaching, I thought back a few decades where a … Continue reading

All We Are Saying…

I am not impartial. I have to make the comment and disclosure up front. As one of the judges on the jury of the Athens Startup weekend, I spent the last 3 days with some brilliant and inspiring young men … Continue reading

Fast Failure

Energized by the power of ideas that have been free floating at Athens Startup weekend last night, I marveled at all the wonderful entrepreneurs who came on stage to pitch their business theories. Some were phenomenally articulate, others were like … Continue reading

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