Monthly Archives: July 2012

For Everyone

  The world simply loved the tweet! Tim Berners-Lee’s four words at the London 2012 Opening Ceremony lit up the stadium hitting a chord for the world. Is it all about the world wide web or is it about the … Continue reading

Failing To Notice

  Could not resist mischievous endearing Albert this morning. This was the moment I finally noticed: “Because we fail to notice that we fail to notice there is little we can do until we notice.” Having not been my usual … Continue reading

Care And Pretend

I am drowning in care and caring. Why is it that “care,” the essence of a compassionate and deep human emotion, has been reduced to an empty word used in all kinds of transactional exchanges? Health care, medical care, customer … Continue reading

Why Not Hesitate?

  My absence from this blog has been unintentional yet mandatory. Writing is part of who I am but I haven’t been who I am lately… The phone rang like mad at two in the morning. I mechanically answered. The … Continue reading

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