Monthly Archives: June 2011

Captain, My Captain – Where Art Thou?

  I went sailing last week. While a guilty conscience and my lizard brain tried to interfere and sabotage my indulgence, I shut them out and went fishing (figuratively). The planet is messed up – a bit more than usual. … Continue reading

One Thousand And One Political Nights

“The rules about what we hide and what we share are changing.” So begins the announcement of TEDGlobal 2012. It’s not the first time that TED has offered me a platform of ideas. And while today’s post is not about … Continue reading

Portrait Of A Non-Artist As A Young Man

  Stephen Dedalus: Those of  you who recognize my purposefully altered title and have toiled through James Joyce’s novel know of the intellectual and religio-philosophical awakening of young Stephen Dedalus as he begins to question and rebel against the Catholic … Continue reading

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