Monthly Archives: October 2010

Personal Branding: It’s All Your Choice

I was with some great friends last night and somehow the discussion turned extremely personal. In essence it was all about personal branding. Who do people think you are? Does it really matter if they think you are somebody different … Continue reading

Norma Jean and her Arthur

The quote is attributed to Arthur Miller describing his lovely wife. She epitomized the “dumb blond” term. Was she really that dumb or so clever to let her handlers – those men “protectors” make her the “smartest dumb blonde in … Continue reading

The 99% Rule

I am often asked about inspiration. It usually has to do with my writing. For me, it has always been about action – I think, then do and therefore I am. But, then earlier tonight I stumbled on good old … Continue reading

Wishes Big Enough To Change the World

JR, a moving and innovative artist who exhibits freely in the world’s streets, has been named the recipient of the 2011 TED Prize — an award granting $100,000 and something much bigger: a wish to change the world with the support … Continue reading

The Little Engine That Could

Quick: Will you be crazily upset if you lost ten thousand dollars? Or will you be so absurdly happy if you won the same amount in the lottery? Which emotion will be stronger, lasting and more powerful? Studies show that … Continue reading

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