Monthly Archives: March 2010

The Second Step: Pledge of A Skeptic

We are taught not to focus on the negative. We learn that making checklists of derailments that hold us back is counter productive as we accentuate the bad, the wrong and the ugly. But this short anti-creativity list video by … Continue reading

Let Tiger Roar – Part 2

Is there a lesson to be learned from the “noise” surrounding Tiger Woods’ return? On January 7th, I posted a controversial opinion on Tiger Woods and the relentless media hounds intruding in his personal life: Let Tiger Roar. I did … Continue reading

Don’t Try This At Home.

A serviceman of the Belarussian Interior Ministry’s special unit demonstrates his skills during a show in Minsk, February 28, 2010. Credit: REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko How could I resist not commenting on this photo from the Reuters Oddly News section this morning? … Continue reading

Batman and Spiderman: Lessons from Superheroes

What We Can Learn from Super Heros “You have all the power you need for the task you have ahead of you!” so smiles Nilofer Merchant, CEO of Rubicon Consulting, a strategy and marketing consultancy. Her talk (captured on the … Continue reading

No, Everything is not OK.

Everything is OK [Greek Subtitles] A friend from Greece sent me this clip today. Subversive, rebellious and painfully sarcastic and critical, it express a certain reality. A large chunk of it takes place in London, right outside the Reuters HQ … Continue reading

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