Monthly Archives: November 2009

Whose Life Is It Anyway?

> On my way back from Europe, I landed at the San Franciso airport. The flight from London was not full and luckily it seemed we were the only flight that landed at that time in spite of the day before Thanksgiving, the … Continue reading

The Lost Man and the What If’s

>Life is definitely more twisted than fiction! How believable is the story of a lost guy who drives for nine hours over 400 miles before he finally decides to stop and ask for directions? Read all about it: Please don’t get … Continue reading


>Sometimes all it takes is just your dream. Any commentary for the triumph of this Zimbabwan woman would detract from her victory and the shining example she sets for all. See full story here:

Failure vs Success

>Radicals & Visionaries – “You have to believe that something is solvable to go after it,” says Peter Diamandis of the X Prize Foundation. The key issue is to have the power to believe that YOU will find the … Continue reading

Quitting: Sounds more negative than it actually is

>Just take a moment to read this: Quitting in style “Quitter” has become just another executive dirty word. Why is it that popular belief claims “Quitters leave people hanging; abandon teams; let go of their obligations and responsibilities, resign from making an effort…” It’s not … Continue reading

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