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Stop Being Afraid

I’ve been mentoring someone -let’s call him George – and he was simply scared. All I did was ask questions and listen. I slowly helped him peel back the artificial wrappings of a box of rotten candy – and the … Continue reading

54 Hours In Athens

54 hours – just a weekend really. Yet, the startup marathon  last weekend in Athens was so much more. About 150 brilliant Generation C young men and women (Connected/Communicating/Content-centric/Computerized/Community-oriented, always Clicking) did their magic, pitching their business ideas. “We are … Continue reading

Athens Startup Weekend

I am not impartial. I have to make the comment and disclosure up front. As one of the mentors and judges on the jury of the Athens Startup weekend, I spent most of the last 2 days with some brilliant … Continue reading

Supposed to Be – Not For Halloween Only

What are you supposed to be, really? Don’t tell me you had not been Calvin – ever! It has to be true. The ingenious Bill Watterson must have secretly known me and based Calvin and Hobbes on me! Yeah, right … Continue reading

Winnie And The QR Code Paradox

Hah? What on earth is a QR code?…(read on and thou shall be rewarded). But first things first: You must remember Winnie The Pooh. Which Character Are You in this video?   “When you are a Bear of Very Little … Continue reading

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