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Final Respect

The story of the 11 year old Chinese boy who died last month of brain cancer but not before donating his organs, is a sad yet an uplifting one. But the photo of the doctors paying their respect as his … Continue reading

Anti-Marketing: My Greek TEDx Talk

It’s all Greek to you, I am afraid. When I was asked to give a talk at TEDx Thessaloniki, I had mixed emotions. While I am infinitely curious, and passionately share TED’s “belief in the power of ideas to change … Continue reading

Bah-Humbug Thoughts on Christmas Eve

Ebenezer Scrooge and Bah-humbug… Written in 1843, Dickens’ Christmas Carol infamous character seems to be our favorite and instinctively fitting hero of our era, collective monomaniacal consumerism and hollow sentimentality. All these cute and touching Christmas and politically correct westernly … Continue reading

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