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2012 Ante and Ad Portas

In the dawn of 2012… As the new year is knocking on our door, “ad and ante portas” and great old Hannibal comes to mind. Even though the phrase “conveys a sense of greater distress with Hannibal ante portas, for … Continue reading

Just Ask – The Agile Risky Way

Following my Just Ask post, I chatted with  Gregory Farmakis, CEO of Agilis about the uncomfortable “ask.” This is his story about the victory of perseverance, the arrogance of youth, and the lessons that come with age and experience.  And, … Continue reading

Jekyll and Hyde Revisited

  “I guess we’re all two people. One daylight, and the one we keep in shadow.” Bruce Wayne/Batman, Batman Forever Jekyll and Hyde Revisited is a guest post published on a friend’s blog. Who are you Really? Tweeting, emailing, curating … Continue reading

Fast Forward To The Past

  Sitting comfortably at the BA lounge at Heathrow (guilty as charged – paying the Idiot Tax again) I am gearing up to pay a visit to my past. I have a tendency to leave for good when I go. … Continue reading

Fast Failure

Energized by the power of ideas that have been free floating at Athens Startup weekend last night, I marveled at all the wonderful entrepreneurs who came on stage to pitch their business theories. Some were phenomenally articulate, others were like … Continue reading

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