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Livability: Beyond Political Terms

Going through the news and my high speed virtual treasure chest, I happily uncovered Streetfilms, a non-profit Oregon organization that wants to encourage “livable streets” by producing films supporting community advocacy to help make roads work better for pedestrians and … Continue reading

Compassion is as Compassion Does: Anti-Lessons from Tony Hayward

Sometimes time works against us. Did the inevitable response to the public outcry of the Gulf disaster have to wait that long? Tony Hayward’s ousting was a matter of time. However, waiting that long did not serve BP in the … Continue reading

Small People’s Emotional Psychiatry

“….”I’ll leave the emotional psychiatry to others.”At a White House briefing, Robert Gibbs, the president’s press secretary, shrugged off criticism from some politicians and columnists that the president had not been emotional enough in his response to the spill….” Robert … Continue reading

The Lost Man and the What If’s

>Life is definitely more twisted than fiction! How believable is the story of a lost guy who drives for nine hours over 400 miles before he finally decides to stop and ask for directions? Read all about it: http://www.reuters.com/article/newsOne/idUSTRE5AH48D20091118 Please don’t get … Continue reading

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