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Zombies on Christmas Day? Yes, I know; not everyone is a fan of the Walking Dead. Yet, this is about those other real life, figurative zombies  in our life. They suck our positive energy and goodness. They feed on negativity, … Continue reading

Care And Pretend

I am drowning in care and caring. Why is it that “care,” the essence of a compassionate and deep human emotion, has been reduced to an empty word used in all kinds of transactional exchanges? Health care, medical care, customer … Continue reading

British Airways & The Idiot Tax

How is it that so often life clashes with the great and brilliantly glorious ideas that occasionally pop through our brains? I am not necessarily referring to justice, world peace, bold dreaming, equality and all these noble and majestic uplifting … Continue reading

Tales From the Emergency Exit

“I’m mad and I am not gonna take it anymore?…” Steven Slater’s 15 minutes of fame shenanigans made major headlines and awarded him cult figure status overnight just because he threw a fit. What? You don’t know who Steven Slater is? … Continue reading

All About Carol

Unconventional or brash? Rude or powerful? How would you characterize Carol Bartz’s moment of truth? Those of us who have faced hostile media interviewing and know first hand what it really means to have reporters in your face can sympathize … Continue reading

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