Success + Failure

Success or Failure OR Success and Failure?

The two go hand in hand. Highly unlikely you’ll succeed without failing often, regularly, repeatedly – and for the super humans out there rarely. And what is success without failure really?

Just watch The School of Life short video:

And regardless of what’s your definition, occasionally the hard battle to succeed is still not enough…

And it still hasn’t worked…in spite of all your efforts.

You feel you cannot not do it again – to try to succeed again, as tiring and unfair as it seems.

And failing is just one option before the end-game of your own definition of success. As Seth Godin wrote recently “Best work followed by best work followed by more best work is far more useful and generous than merely doing your best work once and insisting it is only fair that you eventually win.”

We’ve been taught that failure is the closest to a dirty word. It’s one of these rare concepts that by itself it’s categorized by its opposite: success. And if you want to be successful, you can’t possibly want to fail. But hold on a second! How can you possibly know what success is all about until you’ve actually tried again and again and yet one more time to make whatever it is you are trying even better?

So, come on. Go out there and just fail fast so you can succeed quickly.

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