In Fellow Men (and Women) We Trust

“Science creates a world where individuals can play the role of the collective. Two boys create Google. One boy creates Facebook. Another individual creates Apple. These gentlemen changed the world without political parties or armies or fortunes.  So we are all surprised. It is a new world. You may have the strongest army—but it cannot conquer ideas, it cannot conquer knowledge.”  Shimon Peres: Leading in the 21st Century – an Interview

It’s all about singing of the heart. Whatever we do, think, imagine, create – it’s all related to that sense of connection to something bigger or better. Can you do this – without inspiration? And what is inspiration if not that instantaneous surge of power? No limits there; no impediments; no obstacles. You can simply do it – or at that very moment feel that you can.

And somehow the serenity of connection makes you feel that you can fly. And there you let go. And you trust – even if the task seems insane, improbable, unreachable – you do trust yourself and the small world around you that it will help you, propel you to do it.

But no, it’s not that simple – and while it seems like a click and a moment, it’s actually much more complex and does not come in a vacuum.

Your chances to get that injection of energy multiply in the collective, the connectivity, the interactions, the engagement. And no, it’s not about the hype, and networking and fluff and all this talk about Facebook and Pinterest and social media but about the meaningful moments you share – when bonds and ties and allegiances are shaped because you let yourself open up to understanding, learning, listening and in the end trusting. And it takes time, and commitment, and honesty and being brave enough to be real.

So, no it’s not in God we Trust (while all others are paying cash) – but in those who have earned our trust while we have earned theirs – and it’s a cycle and it’s spinning and hopefully it grows – the circle of our trust.

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