Setting Straight The Toothfairy

Gotta love this kid…Want to make a bet she’ll make a great CEO one day?

I laughed my head off – and then switched to serious learning opportunity mode – even from a 6 year old. Why argue? Kids are pure and real – great teachers if you watch them closely. She’s got all the ingredients for the tastiest and most precise management task recipe:

Clarity: All the facts plain and simple – Four days and counting…(do you know how long four days is in Haylee’s world?)

How she feels about it: Sick and tired all right – mom and pop have told her so. The tooth fairy exists – so, what’s taking her so long? How can you not identify and see her side of the story?

Setting Expectations: We all know the tooth fairy’s job: kiddy ATM – so why not simply “show me the money!..”

Emotional Intelligence: Our little princess definitely has it: She intuitively figured the letter might piss the tooth fairy off – so she softened the “ask” and turned it to all sweetness and smiles – plus opened the door for dialogue and further negotiations (just in case)…

And our Haylee is only 6 – go figure and learn from her savvy, brilliant and cute audacity.

PS: Writing this from Athens, I just wanted to disclose that any associations and mental leaps to Greece’s expectation of a bailout and loan disbursement are purely coincidental and unintentional: The European Commission, the International Monetary Fund, and the European Central Bank are nothing like tooth fairies and the months lapsed are so much more than four days…
Haylee’s note courtesy (serendipity is a wonderful thing :-))
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