Monthly Archives: October 2011

Supposed to Be – Not For Halloween Only

What are you supposed to be, really? Don’t tell me you had not been Calvin – ever! It has to be true. The ingenious Bill Watterson must have secretly known me and based Calvin and Hobbes on me! Yeah, right … Continue reading

Einstein on The Park

“Only Those Who Attempt The Absurd, Achieve The Impossible…” Can you squint and read the sign on the photo? I stumbled on this nutty street performer walking the Boston Garden early in the morning. He put a smile on my … Continue reading

Fast Forward To The Past

  Sitting comfortably at the BA lounge at Heathrow (guilty as charged – paying the Idiot Tax again) I am gearing up to pay a visit to my past. I have a tendency to leave for good when I go. … Continue reading

Setting Straight The Toothfairy

Gotta love this kid…Want to make a bet she’ll make a great CEO one day? I laughed my head off – and then switched to serious learning opportunity mode – even from a 6 year old. Why argue? Kids are … Continue reading

The Generosity Factor

What would happen if you said “yes” to every single person that asked you for money? Foolish, absurd,  ridiculous idea, isn’t it – especially in this awkward climate of instability and uncertainty? Well… before you dismiss the idea and move … Continue reading

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