Monthly Archives: April 2011

Disagreement and Gratitude

  Optimism – or rather too much optimism – has been blamed as the cause of many things including the recession, high-risk enterprises and happy go-lucky “Pollyanna-ism“. Having just finished psychologist Martin Seligman’s newest book Flourish, I found myself agreeing … Continue reading

Love In The Time Of Distance

  Saying good bye to my son and his adorable Yorkshire Terrier puppies this morning, I felt hollow. He went back home to L.A. even though the concept of “home” is unclear. After all , the Northern California home is … Continue reading

SupporTED: One Million Bones

Naomi Natale is a senior TED fellow. She is infectious, passionate and goes up against all odds. In the rushed reality of our daily routines, an art installation project against genocide may realistically feel “remote.” Nice idea but… who has … Continue reading

SupporTED: Beyond Inspiration

  Having spent the last three days in New Orleans with a team of TED fellows and a group of volunteers whose only job was to help these incredibly inspiring young men and women bring their vision to life, I … Continue reading

It’s All About Value, Stupid!

It’s the “Unbearable Lightness of Being” all over again. Having read a semi-sarcastic and justifiably fair assessment of the state of “professionalism” in the service industry and specifically the field of coaching, I thought back a few decades where a … Continue reading

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