The 99% Rule

I am often asked about inspiration.

It usually has to do with my writing. For me, it has always been about action – I think, then do and therefore I am.

But, then earlier tonight I stumbled on good old Thomas Edison and his famous quote – the 99% rule about genius being 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. And right then and there – serendipitously – there was tonight’s aha moment – the inspiration:

Hard work, folks. Nothing happens unless you sweat it out.

You get the idea; you mill it over in your head; you sleep on it, get over the nightmares, the what ifs, the possibilities, the bad case scenario, and then how long will you actually spend thinking about the idea?

Unless it takes shape and form – by itself the idea – whatever it is, remains in the sphere of the dream, the untouchable, the ethereal, the theory. Do your thoughts really count? Maybe – who am I to say otherwise?

But, unless you show me, I won’t really see…

The video below is short – maybe it will be a waste of your time – but if you skip it, how will you actually know?

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