The Word that Made Stan Sad

I don’t know why I remembered them this morning.

J.D. Salinger called them “two Heaven-sent artists and men.” Compliments don’t get much better than that.

I am of course talking about Stan and Ollie. And it’s all about life and laughter and happiness and your point of view. Just watch this Laurel and Hardy clip.

At first, it looks like it’s all about infectious laughter. But watch till the end. See how the woman who is getting annoyed with their uncontrollable laughter responds and what she says. And then, watch Stan’s face. His SAD face. While seemingly the clip is about uncontrollable, infectious laughter, in the end it is about attitude and how one word, one look can spoil the moment.

You must have had moments like these. You know what I am talking about. And perhaps, if you have been reading my posts on a regular basis, you may already know what I am about to say: That in the end, it is all about you – how you perceive the nasty, cold and possibly seemingly derogatory comment. Up to you to let you spoil your moment, your good mood, your happiness. It’s not about other people, what they think or how they react. If you are feeling good about yourself, your hard work, your soul – then you have nothing to feel bad about – even, if someone doesn’t share your view.

Up to you – so let others be as nasty as they can be. Let them live their melancholy and sour state – it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with you…

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