Monthly Archives: September 2010

Au Revoir and Hasta La Vista

I paddle – no, not as a sport. For a living actually. I am on the water all the time; I use the oars; I defy the storms and I keep on rowing though life. Easy, moderate, hard, damn difficult … Continue reading

The "Hypomanic" Edge and the Fertility of your Brainpower

Waking up around 4.30 in the crack of dawn is never fun. No, my insomniac very early rising in the last several weeks cannot be attributed to jet lag. No transcontinental travel, no apparent major stress source (if you look … Continue reading

The Laugh that Made the Woman Sad

So… you walk into a restaurant and 2 guys are sitting at a table and they are laughing their hearts out. You wonder – why they are laughing, what’s so funny…And then, one of them turns around,  points at you … Continue reading

The Word that Made Stan Sad

I don’t know why I remembered them this morning. J.D. Salinger called them “two Heaven-sent artists and men.” Compliments don’t get much better than that. I am of course talking about Stan and Ollie. And it’s all about life and … Continue reading

Isn’t the end always the beginning?

…The End… Oh wait! Now what?… What exactly does this mean – the end? Unless we are talking about death, there is no end. I just finished two huge projects. The first took me a year to complete – a … Continue reading

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