Much to Do About Nothing: Summer Thoughts

Dawn – and I am up posting this on my blog. I feel kind of guilty having abandoned it for the last week or so. Yes, it’s summer and the whiff of leisure and vacationing wonder is in the air.

But, as the morning light breaks through over Yountville in the Napa Valley where I am spending the weekend, a flurry of activity has transcended several continents, countries and spheres. Responding to someone in Germany who is about to move to California and wants to find a home for his expat family; setting up appointments for next week; scanning the major headlines in Greece while looking over the latest developments on the Hewlett Packard CEO sexual harassment story and the settlement announcement.

Meanwhile, virtual discussions are taking place on my social media channels – responses and comments on the blog, my coaching practice buzz that is constantly on my head, and in the midst of all this – my vacation, my weekend in Napa. Am I crazy? Addicted to blackberry (actually I have to give credit to my nifty little Nokia – I find it much better than the Blackberry and I passionately dislike the iphone – I have trouble with the touch screen!!).

See what I mean? Too many thoughts twirling and dancing and painting my filters, my tentacles. Does this sound relaxing to you? And does this look like a vacation?

Well, it is and I am happy – and this is exactly what I want to be doing this early in the morning.

But, somehow other people’s ideas of how things should be get in our heads and then things get confusing. Vacations are supposed to make you feel relaxed and light and disconnected from the routines of your life, to break the patterns, to offer the significant and sweet difference that will inspire your engine for the next push upon your return to normalcy. Right?

While you ponder your own point of view on the subject – I am wrapping this up. A light soft rain is falling and it’s simply stunning outside. I am taking a walk. It’s summer; it’s morning, it’s beautiful and it’s life.

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